7 good reasons why the merchandising by Many Ways is the right solution!

N°1 : Carefully selected partners

The world of derivative products is limitless, so we have set a limit: respect for the planet and for human beings. We have chosen for you the best suppliers by focusing on certifications (organic cotton, Fairwear, vegan...). In this way we will create together a cleaner and more sustainable merchandising for the happiness of all.

N°2: Increase your revenue.

What do Stars Wars, Coca-Cola and Manchester United have in common? Smart merchandising and skyrocketing sales revenue. Whether you decide to sell them or give them away, your personalized products will, directly or indirectly, end up having a positive impact on your turnover. Once again, we will help you in your development strategy to find the best way to take advantage of merchandising.

N°3 : Customization closer to home.

The personalization of your products is now done exclusively in Europe, between Spain, Poland and... Switzerland! Depending on your needs, your products are personalized at one of our three European partners, always in the best conditions and with the best techniques (biodegradable ink, eco-responsible dyeing...).

N°4 : An innovative and... free graphic design service!

Since this is the basis of our business, we have decided to work with graphic designers from different backgrounds and with a well established reputation. Thanks to them we can offer you various projects in complete coherence with your visual identity. The icing on the cake: this service is free and without obligation... But to try it is to adopt it! 

N°5 : Your marketing and communication team will love it!

Thanks to the flexibility and creativity of our graphic designers, your marketing and communication team will be able to focus on more than merchandising. A simple logo, with or without information, is all our artists need to come up with an idea for a range that reflects your image.

N°6 : No marketing or communication department? No problem.

With more than 20 years dedicated to merchandising we've had the chance to create numerous successful lines. Thanks to this experience, we will be able to guide you in the creation of your personalized product line. We will provide you with a customized service, from creation to production, according to your needs and desires.

N°7 : An after-sales service that truly listens to you.

Building a long-lasting and trusting relationship remains at the heart of our priorities. This is why our customer service manager has been with us since the beginning and is always ready to listen to you. Kindness and reactivity are what we offer you.